About Us


A Board of Trustees and a Management Board manage the PARIWAR. The Board of Trustees is primarily responsible for the strategic and long term planning of the Pariwar affairs. There are different membership options to take care of the Administrative Expenses of the Pariwar – including but not limited to PATRONS, LIFE MEMBERS, ANNUAL FAMILY MEMBERSHIP, ANNUAL INDIVIDUAL MEMBERS, et al.

Among its several responsibilities, the Board is entrusted with the fund raising and fund disbursement. The Trustees will elect the Chairperson of the Board of Directors every three years. The eligibility to be able to run for and be elected to the Board of Trustees/Directors is at least one year of continued support and attending the Pariwar activities.

The PARIWAR is managed by the Board of Directors and the Advisory Board. The Board of Directors are primarily responsible for the strategic and long term planning of the PARIWAR affairs. It consists of Donors who contribute over $5,000 per year.

Membership of the PARIWAR is open to all communities and there are various options available. Please visit our Membership page for more details.

The Vision…

Dadi Pariwar was officially established as a not-for-profit Public Benefit Corporation after its incorporation as DADI PARIWAR USA FOUNDATION on September 17, 2012. The founding members formed a close-knit group coming together on a monthly basis to perform ‘Mangal Path.’

The year 2013 gave a new dimension to the vision of the founders and the reconstructed Sunnyvale Hindu Temple was recognized as the venue for Sri Ranisati Dadi’s permanent niwas sthal along with Sri Khatu wale Shyam Baba and Salasar ke Balaji.